sayang sayang saya :')

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

this is my very first entry on 30 DAYS BLOGGING CHALLENGE.

My recent picture,captured on last two days ago.

so here are my 15 interesting facts bout' myself. (interesting though?)

1. i'm studying Special Education. major in Sign Language!

2. i wish i can play keyboard.

3. im good at baking cupcakes.but im so blind on cooking dishes.muahaha

4. i’ve never broken a bone. dan saya taknak pun =='

5. i do not have not into cats,hamsters and blablabla.

6. the sound of scratchy pens also makes me cringe.

7. and so the sound of scratchy fork and spoon.annoying nak mati.ahhh!

8. allergic to heavy dust, very cold weather, stressed and depressed, yaa asthma.

9. im so addicted to facebook-ing and blog-ing.

10. i hate online business, including all kind of MLM.

11. i keep a piece of should-have-thrown Rocky Biscuit Stick, as my sweet collection.

12. i can start a conversation with random people in everywhere. creep?no lah.just a lil' bit friendly.LOL.hihi

13. aku tak sukekan changes. either its about people,routine,daily meals and so ever.

14. im so well-organized.i keep my things on place they should be.i have lots of boxes.different box for different sort of things.

15. im not an anime fan, im not a console videogame fan.

till here,its your turn!