sayang sayang saya :')

Friday, October 30, 2009

eid 2009 =)

rye thun 2009 ni would be the best raya in my life
other than being so epi celebrating it wif my beloved family; my hot mum,super cool dad n nottie siblings, it was so meaningful 2 me as this year i celebrate the raya wif my SAYANG..
ni je gmbr yg ada...ngeh
bdw,epi belated raya 2 ol muslims!

1st raya 2009..oopsie...lmbt upload...huk3

200909- in da mrnink

bye2 kenangan lamaku..

sbnrny da lme nk update bnda tlupa and xbpe nk ada masa...
aku rse ak da bt smthing yg btol2 sptotnye ak buat...
apa dia? hurm...aku da buang sgala pberian my ex bf
ptot ke aku bt cmtuh? ptot la kot...hehe...
ak da buang rayban yg dia bg, bju skolah yg dia suh ak smpn as a mmory of being 2gether b4, pick guitar, keychai from his sis, pix of us of koz, and many more...4gotten 2 be listed here..
my besties said im kind of cruelty, ferocity, wicked, desperado and soever..haha
pape2 je la doing what im suppose 2 do
ak da ada nu bf so it is utmost important 4 me 2 take a gud care of his hearts
i dun wnt him 2 think im a jerk incase he found out dat i still kept my ex's gift and pix..
im doing da rite thing,rite? not committing a suicide,,just bye2 my oldies moments..dats ol..