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Saturday, October 16, 2010

write 40 interesting facts about yourself

1. im not into coffee but i just love the Perl' Cafe.

2. i love bellogwalking.

3. aku pernah derma darah.twice

4. i dun noe how to classify a good and a bad song.

5. i love to write just because i love to read what i've wrote in a certain moods.

6. i found myself easy to cry when its about thinking of my parent.

7. i adore,heart,love and live my family the most

8. i had a trouble about waking up early in the morning.i rather didn't sleep

9. i had short-sightedness

10. i cant' eat sushi.tak sedap langsung ikan mentah camtuh!

11. i eat cadbury a lot.sebab tu aku gemok.haha

12. aku telan ulam.i love them the most!

13. aku xsuke mereka yg suke mekap tebal2 sangat.i look them as a human with lack of self-confidence.huhu

14. im so afraid yet curious when its bout my future.

15. im taken but still,my parents own me.

16. i have lots of friends but a very little bestfriends in mind.

17. i used to adore the skuter besi

18. i dont curse at everyone with sumpahan yg melampau.mencarut.tahu?

19. i cant accept when ppl cannot tolerate with me.

20. i hate a noise when im doing my assignments.

21. annoying ppl.i can live with that but please jgn over sangat.

22. i have a list of my most faveret blog =_=

23. i have a person who love my cheeks.haha

24. i have rambut yg curly besar-besar.sometime aku suke.sometime aku xsuke

25. aku suke berangan pandai main piano.annoying gile je.haha

26. aku xsuke hal-hal berkaitan politik.

27. im passionate about my education of being a teacher.

28. i can make cupcakes.and i noe lots of ppl jealous with that.

29. ppl suke meniru. i cannot live with that.menyampah!

30. very camwhoring.sangat-sangat.

31. i love my uni library.never fails to make me want a pee.haha

32. i consider my self as between introvert and extrovert.hihi

33. i love beaches.rivers.lakes.everything about water.bring me there!

34. i know a lot of jokes and also teka-teki.

35. pernah dan selalu berangan aku ada abang kandung.dulu lah.haha

36. daddy said im more to a boy with chinese look but still,i dun noe the truth about it.

37. its good when i finally noe there's a silent readers of my blog.haha

38. i love taking quizzes on fb and i have a lot of time for it

39. lebih suke kawan-kawan yg lama berbanding yg baru-baru

40. agak kureng dengan manusia yg kure-kure iaitu yg agak lambat berjalan,bergerak dan paham setiap perkara yg berkias-kias.