sayang sayang saya :')

Thursday, October 7, 2010

meroyan versi broken English

another day without sleeping.
am i great? haha
just finished my solat subuh and chatting with roomate.
yes,she accompany me without sleeping until this morning.
last nite im doing my Encik Sarib homework.
its 7o% finished while the rest,
i'll continue with it later.
act im supposed to submit that thing on this morning
but due to some BIG problem happened last few weeks,
i got to do it again.yup.wadefak.haha

okay.sudah2 la ngade2 guna broken English anda kat sini wahai Sarah Honey.
malu je.nnti kena gelak dgn readers.
readers,jgn gelakkan English saya.
okaylah.nak mandi,kelas start jam8.
baibai teletubbies.