sayang sayang saya :')

Sunday, April 18, 2010

syg oh syg

its olredi 2:59 am when i wrote this.
its freaking cold in here
bkn sbb ujan,tp sbb aku psg kipas kuat sgt
mls pulak nk g slowkan ckit..
now im alone
wif no sound at ol
alone n silent.
no bear 2 text wif me
nobody i noe 2 commenting wif me
and i hate 2 chat on ym wif starngers,too.
talking bout our rltionship,i mean me and bear
i dun think that we can get along anymore
nowadays i found myself,boring 2 be wif him
i noe its fucking cruel 2 be said.but
i dun noe,i rly du not noe
i luv u no matter what saberi
but i just...dunno how 2 said
mybe to be a single is much2 better..
when i said this,it doesnt rly mean that i want a clash our rltionship
i just wnt it 2 be slow down..
not 2 stop.
just an unpermanent fullstop.u noe.
waiting 2 open up or wrote a niu paragraph.
whtevr it is,im still loving you.
still,until when-when..