sayang sayang saya :')

Sunday, April 18, 2010

im sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry. ='(

im sory 4 blaming you
im sory 4 not telling you da truth
im sorg 4 letting go ol of our promises
im sory 4 breaking up with ol my words
im sory 4 ignoring you
im sory 4 didnt care bout ur feelings as much as u do
im sory 4 not being so loyal 2 you
im sory if u think dat im bored 4 being wif you
im sory 4 dos 3rd cupcake ungiven 2 you
im sory dat i cant meet you
im sory dat i cant promise 2 gonna luv u 4 da rest of my life,anymore..
im sory dat i cnt say a word : 'will be wif u as long as ALLAH set it to'
im sory dat im not missing you as much as you do
im sory dat im not gud enough 4 you
im sory i've hurt myself by hurting you
im sory 4 walked away..
im sory for hurting you..