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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pesta Sukaneka Pelajar Tingkatan Enam

hye...diz is my very 1st blog..before this i juz read others and nvr try 2 start 1..
diz pix was taken during the sport's carnival organised by the PRA-U student of SMK Padang Midin. that was a wonderful moments wif all my mates as this is our final year of form6..huhu

der's a lot of games participated by students on that day such as football for bois(as that's the only things bois noe.haha), ping pong, rebut krusi(game zmn skola rndh), congkak, badminton, and one of the moments of kindergarten is; bwk bola lam sudu pkai mulut, also passing belon air xmo bg pecah..ahakz!

above: pix at the skewl's field
below: pix wif my besties and our lil' bro