sayang sayang saya :')

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i wish.

she is my only best-girlfriend.
she is my strong supporter. i mean, real strong.
she is my heaven. all in all, she is everything to me.
she is the most person who understand me very well.
she know exactly how i feel.
she believe in me.
she never let me down.
she never keep me sleep at night with heartbreak.
she is willingly to forgive and forget every mistakes that i have done.
she believe that one day i will make her proud.
she knows what i love and what i don't.
she knows everything bout me.
i am her only best friend.
she know what is my favorite color.
she know how to make me feel better.
she never judge me.
she never compare me to anybody.
she never judge me on who i am yesterday.
she is the real women.
she bought my fav petai and she know why.
her dua' is all i ever need.
she is my life.

~i wish i can write like this like anybody does. i wish. i really wish.